Get a Comfy Shower. Wherever.

Stop poking those shower buttons like a robot.

The Filipper Grip Advantage



Safe and trendy storage for your tiny valuables.



No more spilled shower gel getting on everything in the bag.



Filipper Grip + clothes = ready for workout



Good bye rapid shower! Filipper holds the push button for you.



Stick our 4-in-1 water resistant tool on any flat, uneven surface or even on the grout.



Be a trendsetter with our beautifully designed gadget.


The sporty and unique design ensures the Grip’s multifunctionality.

It can hold even the strongest button.
Avoid dirty floors with the tile-mounted storage.
Easy and quick dispensing for a comfortable shower.
You won’t loose your key or chip card anymore.
Weight: 500 g Size: 19 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
ABS plastic.
Thanks to the triangular holes, the water can flow freely so our product will not become foul-smelling.

How it works

1. Attach the Filipper Grip

Push the Filipper Grip onto the tiles next to the shower tap & turn the handle (shower gel storage) over the push button.

2. Providing continuous flow

To ensure flow, press down firmly on the handle while it is pressed against the push button.

3. Stopping the water

Pull the push button holder forcefully toward you. This will release the lock, but the device will remain on the tiles.

The Story

Some everyday devices are just poorly designed. You might not even realize it, or you’ve just been going with the flow. But you don’t have to be resigned to that. I started thinking about the senseless and problematic operation of the self-closing push-button shower valve many years ago, when I noticed my training partners were constantly frustrated by the ever-interrupted flow of water. The idea of Filipper Grip was born.

Gergő FilipInnovator

With my academic background as an engineering manager, I’ve gained a lot of insight regarding the process of creating a product, which proved to be very useful in everyday tasks. To bring the concept of the Grip to life in the current form I’ve utilized a wide range of knowledge on ergonomics and human-centered design. Problems are just challenges that need to be solved!

Áron TóthCo-Founder
András R. Oravecz

András R. Oravecz
Lead designer

Rita Reszegi

Rita Reszegi
Graphic designer

Réka Velkey

Réka Velkey
Industrial engineer

Our design team sees things from a different perspective. We inspire each other and we never take our eyes off the goals of Filipper Grip.

Lots of brainstorming sessions and experimentation, a hectolitre of coffee, and dozens of 3D visualisations… It was a long journey to get to the ultimate product. Mission accomplished.


The idea of Filipper Grip was born.

We were frustrated by the ever-interrupted flow of water in the gym. That’s why we started thinking about the frustrating operation of the self-stopping push-button shower valve.

Meeting of the minds

We decided to find a solution to this problem facing many people and started large-scale research.

Hiventures gets on board

Hiventures (one of the biggest investors in East-Central Europe) invested in the Filipper Grip project, so the substantive work could begin.

Birth of the prototype

In order to fully meet the emerging needs, we developed a beautiful 4-in-1 tool for the perfect shower that will ’hold water’ in the 21st century.

Beyond the prototype

Creating the revolutionary suction cup, that sticks on to almost any surface.

Crowdfunding campaign, Indiegogo

Be the first to discover our project, and build a more beautiful future together. Don’t miss our best deals!

Discount pre-order period

If you missed our Indiegogo campaign, but want to get a Filipper Grip at a low price, it’s not too late to get a discount.

Production of Filipper

The start and development of mass production, sales and delivery. From now on you can take an easy shower anywhere.


Shower as long as you like

Each component of our product serves the purpose of reaching new dimensions in shower solutions.

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